Zero-Point Organics Presents: The Pranayama and Energetics Farmraising Event. Lectures, Workshops, Ice Baths, Secret Techniques, Soundscape from plants, mocktails and a Delicious Organic Lunch! Event is August 27th from 3PM - 7PM. The event will take place at the Zero-Point Organics farm, located at 27562 Spring Hill Rd Hempstead, 77445.

Note for microgreen orders: Microgreens are grown to order and may require a 1-3 week lead time before pickup or delivery is possible. With subscriptions, after the initial lead time, microgreens will be available on  a weekly (or bi-weekly if selected)  basis.

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Our bodies are powerful electro-magnetic transmitters that can be used to create and attract what we desire. The quantity and quality of our energy is dependent on what we consume (food, water, information, etc.), excrete (physical elimination, emotional release, etc.), and actions (thoughts, emotions, words, deeds, etc.). The goal of this event is to provide techniques/tools to raise resonance/vibration to create the life you want.

Event Schedule, August 27th, 2022 (3PM - 7PM):

3PM - Welcome

3:10PM - Yoga w/ Robert

4PM - Breath w/ Mike

4:30PM - Bowls w/ Saumil

5PM - Ice w/ Mike/James

5:30PM - SoundScape w/ Said

6PM - Dinner w/ Jordan

What to Bring:  Yoga Mat, Water, Sunscreen, Towel, attire for yoga/ice bath, change of clothes

Parking: park on side of grass along driveway, if no spots are available, park on side of street in front of house.

If you have any food allergies, please let us know.

All ages welcome!